7 Types of Luggage You can Use for Traveling Purposes


Travelling has been a part of man’s existence for as long as anyone can remember. Today travelling has grown and now accounts for a substantial amount of global business and activities annually. People travel for different length of time, to different places, for different reasons and as such have different travel needs. Talking about needs, whether the trip involves a permanent or temporary relocation, one major challenge travelers face is how best to pack and move the stuffs they require to make the entire trip pleasurable and convenient. Little wonder why travelers are easily associated with and identified by luggage.

It may sound funny and untrue, but a wrong choice of luggage can ruin what would have been a memorable trip. Luggage comes in different shapes, sizes, quality and color. A careless and random choice can become the greatest undoing of a traveler. A middle aged traveler embarking on a two week pilgrimage exercise would certainly need a different luggage, from a teenage boy traveling across a state or two by road, for a four month semester program. Whatever is the reason or purpose that you want to hit the road, you will definitely want to use the best lightweight carry on luggage. Below is a guide on the general types of luggage travelers have to choose from.


Usually made of wool, linen or leather, suitcases range from 20 to 36 inches in size and are available in three main constructions: hard-sided, semi-soft, and soft-sided. In terms of shape, they are somewhat flat, rectangular-shaped with rounded/square corners. They are the best luggage for carrying fragile items as well as impact or pressure sensitive items, since they usually tend to maintain their shape and protect their content always.


Like the suitcases, hard-sided luggage offer maximum protection against external pressure and impact. They usually have wheels and pull handles and as such offer more convenience than the suitcases. Another advantage it possesses over the suitcase is that it is lighter in terms of weight, owing to the fact that they are usually made of poly-carbonate and high tech plastics


Due to the material they are made of, they are much lighter in weight but offer minimal resistance and protection to their content in the event of external pressure or crushing impact. They are closed with zippers and as such can easily be assessed by unauthorized persons.


They are usually small in terms of size, not exceeding 22 inches, and are meant to fit into overhead bins or beneath the seats either in airlines or buses. They are designed for short trips and usually have slots for laptops and taps. A good number of them have shoulder straps as well as handles and wheels.


They come in different shapes and sizes and are smaller than the carry-on luggage. In appearance they look like open top shopping bags made of either fabric or leather. In as much as they can be used as travel luggage, they can also be used as day to day bags especially by the women folks.


These have grown in popularity and usage over the last few years. One time viewed as exclusively for kids and teenagers, backpacks are now be used by people across all age brackets.


These are usually used for trips that would not take more than a night or a weekend. As the name suggests they are restricted to carrying clothes, not more than one or two. Most business men make use of it either alone or along with other types of luggage. They work with a hanger and a cloth cover that keeps the clothes from getting rumpled, thereby eliminating the stress and cost associated with getting the service of a laundry man.

In making a choice on which type of luggage or combination to use, so as not to be undone by a wrong choice, travelers should consider where they are traveling to (destination), how long they will spend there (time frame), their mode/modes of transportation, the nature of what they are carrying (content), convenience and the likely cost associated with their choice. Pardon my manners, have yourself a fun filled trip my friend.

Bon voyage mon ami :))


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