8 Brilliant Tips for Using a Baby Swing Safety


You definitely want only the best for your baby, from his clothing to his comfort. It is true that babies really look cute, especially when they are asleep. At times, you wish they would wake up soon so that you could interact with them. However, we cannot deny the fact that some babies cry a lot. It can be difficult and can take time to stop them from crying, but placing them in a baby swing can work quite effectively in pacifying them. In fact, Dawn Rosenberg Jha, a pediatrician, agrees that a baby swing can help pacify an infant who is usually colicky or fussy. The reason for this is because the baby swing is equipped with a rocking mechanism that primarily creates a rocking movement, which contributes a lot in soothing a baby.


Since an infant swing costs less and saves a lot of space, it is a smart alternative to a rocker recliner, especially when you are on a budget. However, you should know that you cannot simply buy any baby swing and simply place your baby in it while you are busy doing some of your daily routines. Remember, the safety of your precious little baby should be your utmost concern. It is definitely vital to keep in mind that there are certain things that you need to take into consideration when employing a baby swing. Below are wise tips that you should observe when it comes to baby swing safety guidelines.

Use it for a short time only.

Baby swings primarily serve to appease crying babies, to soothe them or to make them fall asleep easily. However, this does not mean that you should leave a sleeping baby in an infant swing for hours on end. This is not actually a safe idea since it can lead to dizziness. What’s more, prolonged use of the swing can cause the head of the baby to become flat. Therefore, use it from time to time during the day, but it should not be longer than one hour on a daily basis.

Follow the weight requirement.

Yes. Be very particular about the weight capacity of the baby swing. Be sure to get one that can hold your baby’s weight, which means the weight limit that is required by the manufacturer should exceed your infant’s weight. Obviously, when the weight of your baby exceeds the weight limit, there is a tendency that the swing will break anytime and cause serious injuries. That is why check the exact weight of your baby too. Additionally, you have to take note that you can no longer use a swing when your baby weighs over 30 lbs since normally baby swings have a maximum weight limit of up to 30 lbs only.

Its features should be safe for your baby.


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The swing must function in such a way that it does not produce any noise so that it does not disturb the baby. Pick out one that has a gentle swinging motion so that it produces a more soothing effect. The cradle section should be flat enough to hold the baby securely at all times so that the baby stays in a lying position, giving no chance for him to fall out. The swing should not have any sharp edges or protruding screws that might hurt the infant. There should not be any loose screws that might be swallowed by the baby. Moreover, make use of the safety harness at all times when you place your baby in the swing as this will keep your baby in place.

It should be suitable for your baby’s age.

Infant swings are also great for newborns provided that they come with a reclining feature. This is important for a newborn so that his head is slightly raised, which aids in his normal breathing, thus preventing suffocation. Also, there is a tendency for your baby to grow larger as he gets older, so the harness cannot hold your baby securely anymore. Once your baby reaches this stage, refrain from using the swing. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to use a baby swing once your infant already shows signs of having the capacity to climb out of it or wiggle.

It should be comfortable.

Although a baby swing is no substitute for a bed or a crib, it should still feel comfortable for your child. The cradle section should have a soft covering. It should be padded, but see to it that it is not too soft as this can suffocate the baby.

Choose the right place.

It is important to note that you stay close to your baby when he is placed in a swing. The fact that it swings should really be of great concern for you to stay beside or near your baby at all times. You must also bear in mind that since it has a tendency to slide or topple over, it is not really safe to put the swing on wet or rocky surfaces. It is also not a good idea to place it on a high area as it might fall and injure your child. Therefore, put it in a very safe area such as on a flat floor.

Toys should be tightly fitted to the swing.

Toys are a great way to keep your child entertained, but it is of great importance that you inspect each of them very carefully. They should be fastened securely and placed far enough from the baby so that he is not able to pull them. Check the materials used in the toys. They should not contain anything that the baby might swallow easily or might cause any allergy at all.

Get a durable infant swing.

You have to keep in mind that the durability of the infant swings also matters. You should not take this for granted. Your baby deserves a strong quality swing. Try to buy one of the top quality brands as much as possible. Do not risk the safety of your baby by buying a second-hand baby swing, a defective swing or the cheapest quality swing; instead, be sure to get the latest model since the manufacturers observe the safety requirements in creating it.


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