Backpacking Stove Maintenance Kit and How To Use It

Backpacking maintenance kit is a kit that usually available with the purchasing of backpacking stove. It might be sold separately but usually this kit is come along with its own backpacking stove for maintenance purpose. It has a few components that you can use to do maintenance work for you backpacking stove.

What are the components?

The components are for the pump maintenance and stove maintenance. Filter instructions for stove/pump maintenance and repair is also included in that kit for you to refer while cleaning or repairing. So, the kits component most of it are such as:

  1. jet and cable tool
  2. multiple O-rings
  3. priming wick
  4. pump cup oil
  5. safety pin
  6. pump seal
  7. air tube
  8. fuel tube bushing
  9. check valve plug
  10. pump cup
  11. Shaker needle
  12. check valve ball
  13. check valve spring
  14. jet cleaning wire
  15. check valve assembly
  16. fuel tube and filter

Why It Is Important?

This kit is very important for you if you want to keep your backpacking stove working properly every time your camping trip is planned. It has the tools that can service your stove and pump so your backpacking stove can working properly and safely. This is very important to have backpacking stove maintenance kit to avoid any explosion or any malfunction during cooking in your camping site.

How to Use it?

backpacking kit set


Clearing the jet quickly using maintenance kit:

  1. Close the control valve in a firm way and make sure the stove to cool down first.
  2. You need to shake the stove, if you hear the rattling sound, that mean the shaker needle is functioning.
  3. You can restart the stove and use it as usual.
  4. If your backpacking strove is old and the performance is not improving, you can do the extensive cleaning for the jet and fuel line by removing panwires and flame spreader.
  5. And then, using the jet & cable stool, you need to unscrew the jet to remove to shaker needle.
  6. After removing the shaker needle, you can clear the jet orifice using the jet cleaning wire tool.
  7. There is a cable from the fuel line that you need to pull out using the Jet & Cable tool.
  8. Pressurize the fuel bottle with plunger strokes about 10-15 times. After that, open the valve control to flush out about 1-2 oz of fuel, make sure the fuel fall into a container. Do this in well-ventilated area and away from heat or flames.
  9. After all are set and cleaned, you can reassemble the stove and use it like usual.

Backpacking Stove Maintenance Kit

Pump Maintenance using the backpacking stove kit

You need to make sure that your stove is not having a leaking problem. If your stove have leaking problem, all you need to do is to return it to the manufacturer and never consider to use or to repair it yourself. Using your won maintenance kit, you can inspect and replace the seals of different part of your stove such as Fuel tube O-ring, Control Valve O-Ring, Pump seal, Fuel Bottle O-ring, and then lubricating the pump cup too.

You can do the inspecting and lubricating work by doing these steps:

backpacking stove component

camping stove inspecting and replacing

camp stove lubricating the pump cup


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