Backpacking Stove Tips and Facts: Alternate Fuel Stove

Alternate-fuel stoves are intended and designed primarily for boiling water or soupy food effortlessly. This type of backpacking stove has a fact that this is a good stove for slow cooking. Some of the backpackers are not the one who is always in rush.

 Alternate Fuel Stove

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When you are having a good time camping, all that you want is a very quality time observing the nature around you, and appreciating the nature more every single day. You must never want your hunger issue distracting your time to blend with the nature.

This is when alternate-fuel stoves come in handy and the best choice for you. You will never have to worry about your food will get burnt or something because it is normal for you to let it wait and cook properly using this type of stove. You just need to check it once in a while, and you can read your book, or just enjoying your surroundings.

There are three types of alternate fuel stove available:

Wood-burning stoves

If you are a purist or chemical is not your thing, this is maybe the one that you always want. Wood burning stoves is a backpacking stove that using dry twigs or leaves as the char or fire material. The idea is so organic because you don’t have to carry any fuel for camping, and your trip is can last even for month because there is no budget to buy any fuel. Even so, this kind of stove maybe not as light as others, but still compact enough and portable for you to carry in any weather. So the weight is the challenge for you to handle.

Tips: This is a very environmental friendly kind of backpacking stove, so you are saving the nature from any chemical uses. For an effective burning, use only dry leaves, twigs, or small wood for ignition. To keep your burning material or char material always available, gather all of the dry leaves, twigs and small wood in a dry place of your camping and avoid it from rain or any form of moisture.

Denatured alcohol stoves

This is a backpacking stove that very compact, fairly light and easy to carry, and no or less moving parts that you need to prepare or worry every time it is time to move. Even the alcohol is not going to burn as hot as the other fuel or gas such as white gas, it burns pretty well too. It is just takes a little bit longer and maybe you are not like to hear this, but it requires more fuel to cook or boiling. This type of alcohol fuel maybe a little hard to find in the U.S market but it is not a problem because you can buy it direct to the retailer that you know. The backpackers also love how light this stove the most.

Tips: Take the advantage of slow cooking method for this type of stove. Like boiling and roasting your favorite food. Bring extra alcohol fuel if you are planning to camp for several weeks.

Solid-fuel tablet backpacking stoves

Another backpacking stove that offer you slow cooking and boiling water. But yet, this is a popular choice among of the backpackers because it is so light, and very compact and easy to carry.

Tips: It is light in weight, so you can bring more than one stove so you can save time on cooking. If you have another kind of stove, this stove can be use as your second emergency stove in case your main choice of stove is not functioning suddenly. So keep it as a stand in.


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