It’s summer time! There’s nothing more fun than a bicycle for kids! It’s finally time to head out to the trails and enjoy the sun with the family. Before you do, make sure both you and your children are safe by following some simple safety tips for your bicycle for the kids.They’ll not only protect you and your family in the event of a crash, they’ll also give your children good habits to protect them in the future!


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Tip 1: Safety first! Before you leave for a trip, double-check that you have all the safety gear that you need for your ride. All riders will need a helmet and protective gear. You’ll also need reflective devices on your bikes. It’s not a bad idea to mark bicycles for kids with long, reflective safety flags so they can be seen more easily by other bikers and cars.

Tip 2: Stay hydrated! Hydration is important for young children who are more susceptible to dehydration than adults. Be sure to pack plenty of water for your trip and make frequent stops for water breaks. A good rule of thumb is one liter of water for every hour of physical activity.

Tip 3: Snack Time! There’s no tie to grouchy children or grumbling tummies! In addition to more adult themed foods, make sure to pack lots of healthy, child-friendly snacks to keep your children’s spirits up! Don’t worry, if you sneak a few handfuls every now and then we won’t tell.

All packed up but nowhere to go? Many families know they need to get out and do more activates together, and with childhood obesity rising – and a number of time children spend outdoors at a new low, parents need to use more motivation that ever to keep children active. We also have some fun tips for where to go biking this summer as well. From wild, once-in-a-lifetime trips to small affairs for the evening, having the perfect setting for your family activity is key to its success.

Family scavenger hunt: Make a fun scavenger hunt for your children and family. Work as a team each day to find new items on the list. Include some odd items that will encourage your children to suggest new areas to look. My favorites? A man in yellow, a duck, a pink car, two hikers, a plaid picnic blanket, and a hot-air balloon.

Fun rewards: A trip to the local ice-cream store may be a strong motivational tool for your children to get out of the house, however, it can negate any positive effect biking there had. Opt instead to create a reward chart with prizes like books, trips to the zoo, and new toys to encourage your child to meet goals and stay active.


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Stateside road trip: My fondest memory of my childhood was taking a local Girl Scout trip biking across the countryside. While you may not be able to find countryside where you live, the same experience in easy to replicate back home. Choose a few towns to bike to with your family in your local area. Start by choosing a few close towns or locations, or for beginners, drive to the area and then bike when you are there.

No matter if you’re just heading around the block for a few minutes, or embarking on a full day ride. These tips ensure that both you and your family stay safe and together on your trips. After all, the best part of a good bike ride is being able to do it again! So stay active this summer with safe and fun family get-togethers that are fun and help build a healthy and happy lifestyle for your children.



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