Massage for Pregnant Women is a chest of benefits, only if you do it right. This article will help you relief yourself from body ache during pregnancy. It is an attempt to demystify all your worries and help you relax at home!


Going to have a baby! Hurray! You can feel a little life growing bit-by-bit within you. The whole duration of pregnancy is marked by your baby bump that grows every day. Often you nag about aching body. Sometimes it is the pelvic pressure (recently read in the Pregnancy guide), sometimes it is the back. You’re getting perturbed and drained. What are you supposed to do? It is affecting the baby nurturing inside you.

Should you call you a doctor?

Well, now that you have probed everywhere doing your homework for pregnancy, you already know these pregnancy days are not going to be smooth.

Today you have nausea, tomorrow you will frown at a cramped leg. But, you cannot rush to your doctor every day. Right? So when should you see your doctor?

For a general pain at the lower back or abdomen, you don’t have to fear. Just mention it the next time you visit your doctor for a prenatal checkup. However, if you have a fever, rashes or a sore throat along with excruciating body pain, don’t ignore it. Consult your doctor right away.


Pregnant women usually experience a low-back ache, discomforting pelvic in their second trimester. While some whine about a general sore sensation running through the entire body.

Though, visiting spas and getting a massage appears to be a luxury to many. But, there is one thing not many know or readily acknowledge, massage is most beneficial and comforting during pregnancy. Massage for pregnant women is not only born relaxation but also beneficial in terms of little one’s health.

Benefits of Massage for Pregnant Women



Sadly, there are not many studies to shore up the benefits of massage for pregnant women. However, according to a study 20 minutes of weekly massage for 16 weeks got a striking influence on the expectant and babies’ health.

  • Reduced anxiety level and depression
  • Lowers pain in leg and back
  • Improved level of dopamine, serotonin
  • Reduced level of cortisol and norepinephrine (stress hormone)
  • Other studies show that massage therapy is beneficial for both the mom and her infant like
  • Improves sleep.
  • Avoids incidence of prematurity among depressed pregnant women.
  • Avoids low birth weight in premature birth, improving the infant’s weight gain.
  • Less labor pain
  • Boosts immunity system to ward off viral infections.



How safe is massage for pregnant women?

Unlike other complimentary medicine, it has not been researched with expert clinical research procedures. Some doctors hesitate to advice pregnancy massage as there is a huge variation in the training of a massage therapist. Further, it lacks standardized certification.

Not every state has the same law ensuring that the massage professional acquires some basic training regardless whether the client is expecting or not. Still, prenatal massage in the first trimester is a controversial topic. It is said to increase the risk of miscarriage. Well, some disagree. In fact, there is no study confirming the link between pregnancy massage and miscarriage. The first trimester is a delicate stage and sadly, many end up in a miscarriage making massage in first trimester a creepy question.

No matter what, your doctor knows best about you and your baby! So before you try pregnancy massage consult your physician.

When should you avoid Pregnancy Massage?

With negligible research and studies focusing on Pregnancy Massage, most of the physicians adopt a conformist approach. Some would discourage you instantaneously. In absence of scientifically approved guidelines, you should speak to your doctor and get a clearance if you are having:

  • High-risk pregnancy with placental abruption and premature labor.
  • Chances of miscarriage.
  • Morning sickness and nausea.

Your massage therapist may ask for a consent letter from you and your doctor to waive off the liability before performing a pregnancy massage.

How to find a certified Massage Therapist?

A certified Massage Therapist needs approximately 500 hours of training which may not include pregnancy massage. A certified massage therapist requires specialized training and hands-on experience. Look for one trained and certified by a nationally recognized institute like American Massage Therapy Association. Always do inquire about the therapist’s experience and training before booking an appointment.

Consult your doctor, midwife to recommend a qualified professional in your locale.

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