MSR Dragonfly Stove Review

The MRS DragonFly Stove may sustain any kind of output through candle fire to complete bore, which makes it ideal with regard to soufflés as well as stove-top cooking. A Shaker Jet cleans the majority of blockages simply by inverting the actual burner as well as shaking this before illumination the stove.

The individual fuel container allows the actual burner to become safely as well as completely enclosed using the wrap-around windshield for efficient operation within breezes. Dragonfly stove is superb for regular users, mountaineers, as well as gourmet four-season cooks.

The Dragonfly stove shows excellent performance and places it inside a chassis that’s created to handle a number of fuels and also the frequent make use of dished-out through global vagabonds. Difficult and steady, it additionally excels within institutional as well as guide support settings, easily dealing with pots up to 10 inches in diameter.

MSR Dragonfly Backpacking Stove

Feature and Specifications

  • Second to none Flame Control: The Company pioneered the actual dual-valve design of the Dragonfly stove, enabling it to provide precision, simmer-to-boil control.
  • Additional Wide Container Supports: Wide container supports endure to 10″ optimum diameter containers or fry cookware for team cooking.
  • Multi-Fuel: Burn white gasoline, kerosene, unleaded car fuel, diesel-powered, and aircraft fuel.
  • Small: Fold in order to 1/3 associated with its operating size as well as fits inside a two-liter MSR container for simple storage.
  • Effective: Suspended burner mug enables the actual stove in order to burn warm and powerful while decreasing heat lost towards the ground
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Customer Reviews

I’ve owned the actual dragon fly for many years. It is used mainly in cold temperature. I only make use of the white fuel. Carry a few ignition sources beside me. I lubricate just about all connections having a light stitching machine essential oil after make use of.

It is nice as well as compact. I do not mind the actual noise–especially irritating to people who don’t have a quick begin to their ovens. Make an additional using roofers flashing–that’s my only concern.

The capability to go from the gentle simmer to some higher fire for agonizing and browning is excellent and the actual white gas enables a constant 4-season experience. According to the Amazon customer reviews the MSR Dragonfly has scored 4.6 out of 5 stars which is quite brilliant. So I recommend you to purchase this stove for you personally.

Dragonfly Camping Stove

How to use MSR Dragonfly Stove

The Dragonfly burns almost any liquid energy you’re likely to encounter on your own global moves. Kerosene, if you’re able to get this, results within fewer filthy deposits, and whitened gas (Coleman gas) is said to be the ultimate goal of energy sources. Although it’s difficult to acquire, not least since it has as numerous names since it does suppliers.

If you’re utilizing diesel or even low-grade gas, you’ll need to spend time on maintenance to maintain the overall performance up. This is actually part as well as parcel associated with using multi-fuel ovens with this sort of fuel. Prevention is preferable to cure right here.

Don’t make use of diesel under zero, since it contains drinking water. Hopefully it’s apparent why! Unleaded petrol is a lot more practical within the extreme chilly, such when I encountered within the Scandinavian Arctic one winter.

MSR Stove For Backpacking

It’s really worth mentioning which priming time will even affect soot debris. As a person grow good at judging just how much fuel is required for priming, provided the energy type, air temperature as well as wind power, you’ll start to reduce the quantity of soot your own stove builds up.

The stove comes with two fuel jets. One of them is for diesel-powered and another for anything else. I possess always selected unleaded petrol because of its shorter priming period, increased hygiene over diesel-powered and common availability.

Advantage of using MSR Dragonfly Backpacking Stove

Some crucial tips are as follows:

Step 01: Performance

This can be a great feature if you’re doing a few serious cooking that needs precise fire control. The stove is very stable, with container supports that may handle bigger size pans and pots. It includes a self-cleaning jet which has worked flawlessly when utilizing standard whitened gas and it has been really reliable.

Step 02: Size

It retracts up fairly small which is light sufficient, but it is still bigger in these types of dimensions compared to smallest stoves available if only with a little. So it is fully transportable.

Dragonfly Stove MSR

Step 03: Flexibility

Just like the worldwide version from the Whisperlite, this particular stove may burn various fuels, some using the same aircraft that utilizes white gasoline, and others using the included jet for weightier fuels such as kerosene or even diesel. This really is a good feature, I believe.

Step 04: Sound

You have heard this before, and it goes without saying with this particular stove: this pup is loud as all escape. The DragonFly Stove runs on a number of fuels, too, which allows you to slay the actual hunger dragons rapidly. Fold this particular camping stove right into a two-liter MSR container for simple and safe storage.

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The MSR Dragonfly Stove is a trusted, durable hiking companion with regard to outdoors enthusiasts for a long time. It offers moved forward using the times exactly where necessary, and since it stands today is among the best models available on the market. If you’ve owned one before, or are planning of doing this, drop me personally a remark and allow me to know exactly what you’re considering!

This small, liquid-fuel oven covers your entire camping stove requires. The dual-valve design of MSR provides an array of flame control. The DragonFly Range supports bigger pots or even frying pans for just about any gourmet cooking food you try on car-camping outings or immediately backpacking activities.


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