Safety Tips To Use a Portable Gas Stove While You Are Camping

Burning yourself is the last thing that you want or your family wants or your friends want while you are in a camping trip. You need to know that cooking outside of your home kitchen is a new world if you are camping outside.

use portable gas stove

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Portable Gas Stove

While you are camping, you will think what kind of menu that you will make or your friends will make for you. Anything can be cook using portable gas stove, this is why it is the famous choice for the campers. But, please learn these safety tips on using the portable gas stove so your camping trip will giving you a good memory not a horrifying one.

Safety tips to use a portable gas stove while you are camping

  1. Place your camping gas stove only on a flat surface.
  2. If you have a pan support, remove it from the top of your camping stove stove. You need it facing upwards to hold your pan correctly.
  3. If the stove still new, open the cartridge cover and remove the lid from the gas canister. After doing that, you need to be very gentle to slot the gas cartridge right into the stove again to use it.
  4. Check the gas canister if it is slotted in its place correctly before you start to cook. Hold straight and press the cartridge lever down and then the gas canister really get into its place.
  5. To ignite the stove, turn the knob to the left gently and you can hear the stove clicks sound. Maybe one try it will still be off, so try it again until it works.
  6. According to what kind of food you are cooking, just adjust the flame level as you desired so your food cook perfectly.
  7. If your stove is a small one, please remind yourself to bring a pan or a pot that is small enough to use it with. If you wrong matching the size, you will have trouble in cooking because you need to balance everything with your hand busy stirring your food. It’s a big no no and not safe at any way to look at.
  8. Never forget to turn off the knob every time you are done with your cooking. Lift the cartridge too to unlock it again for safety.
  9. Before you disconnecting the gas cartridge, make sure that it is completely cooling down so you will not burn your hands. Never to leave a gas cartridge when you are not using it inside the cooker because it is highly dangerous.
  10. When it rains outside and it is time to cook your meal, never ever have a silly mind to start cooking in your tent! Tent is highly flammable, and you will not like it if you are end up sleeping under a tree instead.
  11. You need to clean your portable camping stove each time you are done cooking because it has to be clean for a better performance and it is hygienic.safety tip use gas camp stove                                                                  Photo credit: bplite.com
  12. If you think that your stove is weird and not working properly, it might be damage and never ever try to fix it and use it. It is not a good time for experimenting if you are far from all health facilities.

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Andrew - Apr, 2016

Great info! I am always worried when I see amateur campers using gas stoves too close to their tents or on an un-level surface. I am sharing the wealth on pinterest!

Pamela smith - May, 2016

Very informative,Thanks


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