Tips To Choose The Right Camping Stove For You and Your Occasion

Every camping goers are wishing a very good time for themselves with every partner that with them at that time. While you are camping, it is not only about looking for the right spot to set the tent, or to find where is the great day or night view, cooking aspect is also important so you will not starving in your own getaway.


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Tips To Choose The Right Camping Stove For You and Your Occasion are started by answering all questions like below:

Are you going to spend the night for days or weeks?

This question is relevant because you have to estimate how much food that you have to bring in your won camping trip. Count how many people will tag along with you and how many days you will be away. After all of that counted, you can start to estimate how much of food you will bring, and what type of food you will bring. How many wet food, canned food and snacks will be the answer on what type of camping stove that you will bring, if your food is for grilling, stew or just fast food, maybe you will decide a different camping stove for every type of food you will cook.

Are you going to cook for a lot of people?

If you are going to cook for yourself, maybe one camping stove is enough to you. But If you are going to cook like a pro in the woods or at the beach, bringing more than one stove is the right thing to do and make sure it is something that you can use easier is the right camping stove for you.

Do you want a camping stove that easy to assemble?

This is what a girl that love to camp going to ask themselves before they are good to go. Girls usually want something light and easy to assemble. If that stove is something that very heavy, or tricky to use, hard to open or close, girl especially will not ever have a look at that type of camping stove.

Do you want to use gas or woods for fire?

The right camping stove for you will be the one that you are most comfortable to work with. If you want to keep into the tradition way of camping, sitting around fire and roasting your potato or carrot, there is no need for you to bring any stove. But if you want to cook something different, of course you need the tools, and the right fuel stove so it tastes better just like home.

Maybe this is the one that will help you to choose the right camping stove:

  1. Canister stove or integrated stove is the one that recommended for summer backpacking activity.
  2. Liquid fuel stove is the one that very suitable for camping during winter or when you have high elevation of cooking use.
  3. Canister stove also recommended if you want to boil your water during camping.
  4. If you are camping in a group and require a lot of time to cook, liquid fuel stove is the one you should bring.
  5. If your camping is to have inspiration of gourmet cooking, please bring along a camping stove with a flame control and it has a stable base for cooking.
  6. Multi-fuel stove can be use for the one that going to international travel but refuse to dine out.

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