Top 3 Best Propane Backpacking Stove – Coleman Stove in 2017


The propane backpacking stove tends to be easy to use. In circumstances like vehicle camping, where weight isn’t a main problem, the propane stoves are usually worth consideration. Propane comes in small canisters and in larger canisters which may be refilled and its most significant advantage is that it’s clean-burning. These stoves will often have at least 2 burners and so are specially found in griddles as well as group camping.

Propane stoves are usually self-priming giving them a substantial advantage over liquid gas stoves. They are convenient as there is absolutely no requirement for preheating however they do drop their heating efficiency because the cartridge empties.



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However, when it involves family use, the best option is to use the grouped family camping stoves. These stoves are secure in use and have a grill attachment often. They are powered by large gasoline canisters. However, people generally choose portable camping stoves. These stoves are light-weight and created for camp use particularly.

New propane backpacking or camping stoves could be probably the most valuable camping out items you will get with you on any camping out trip. These flexible stoves are a smart way to boil water or even prepare a gourmet food on the trail or at the bottom camp site.

I. Best Propane Backpacking Stove Recommends

II. Best Propane Backpacking Stove Reviews

1. Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove

This Coleman One Burner Stove offers backpackers a convenient, portable, and powerful stove. Using its one burner 10,000 BTU burners, you possess the power to prepare everything you would want, while being portable and nice.

It includes a very affordable price, which includes helped this Coleman model to become extremely popular. The advantage is had by it of being a Coleman product, a true name synonymous with quality with regards to camping stoves.


Features of the Product

  • Perfect Heat(TM) technologies for better cooking with less fuel
  • 10,000 complete BTUs of cooking power
  • Burner and base individual from propane bottle for small, easy carrying
  • Adjustable burner offers you precise temperature control
  • Perfect Flow(TM) technologies provides consistent performance, in extreme conditions even.
  • Wind baffles assist protect your burner from wind for optimum heat
  • Three year limited warranty included

Things We Liked

  • Offers great affordability and gives an excellent cooking experience
  • Large stable foundation makes stirring easy
  • Propane backpacking stove comes with attractive design and also affordable price
  • Lasts around 2.5 hours on top of one 16.4-oz propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Ideal for backpacking, hunting, camping out along with other outdoor occasions

Things We Disliked

  • It could be hard to carry a simmer.
  • Much less compact as some other typical backpacking stoves

2. Coleman Powerpack Propane Stove

The Coleman Energy Pack is an extremely portable single burner stove that may easily expand your kitchen area cook top. While its flame is not sufficient enough to become of any make use of as a primary cooking unit, in conjunction with another stove it could add flexibility to a cooking set up.

This Coleman stove is made from an aluminized-steel cook top and detachable; nickel-chrome grate and that means you use up your time on the trace of on cleanup responsibility instead. The big 3.25-inch, 7,500 BTU burners would be to the medial side of the propane cylinder inside a low-profile fashion that ensures this burner will be among Coleman’s easiest and greatest.


Features of the Product

  • Perfect Flow pressure-control program and Perfect Heat technology
  • The benefit of having a minimal flame implies that the Coleman Power Pack simmers like a dream! This appears to be its best attribute
  • There really isn’t very much to establishing this stove. It only includes the burner and the propane adapter literally
  • This model is easy to clean as there’s only one burner that requires maintenance.
  • The steel foundation wipes up pretty very easily Portable propane driven uses regular 16.4 oz. propane cylinder

Things We Liked

  • Adjustable burner offers you precise temperature control
  • Large 3-in. burner heats across your pan evenly
  • Long lasting, chrome-plated grate is simple to clean
  • The Coleman Power Pack 1-Burner Stove is simple to store
  • Perfect lightweight design

Things We Disliked

  • No real control on the burner
  • The unit requires a little extension tube for connecting to the gas tank and this must be unscrewed and carried individually

3. Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel 1-Burner Stove

The Coleman Sportster II Twin Fuel Stove looks like a little and single burner stove. Its compact gets the tank on underneath and powerful stainless burner at the top. It is a long lasting, portable, dependable stove. Three points those are very vital that you any stove that is likely to maintain my backpack.

Like all Coleman items, is has been created to last. It is not really the lightest of solitary burners to arrive around 2 pounds, but that’s testament to the construction.


Features of the Product

  • Covers you for security, backpacking when required or in the event that you just require a great back-up stove in your camping out gear
  • Dual Fuel(TM) design easily burns Coleman Liquid Gas or unleaded gasoline
  • 1 gallon of Coleman Liquid Fuel lasts so long as 4.5 cylinders of propane
  • Band-a-Blue(TM) burner for dependable cooking power
  • All Season Solid(TM) technology provides dependable operation in every weather conditions
  • Wind baffles assist protect your burner from wind for optimum heat

Things We Liked

  • Boils a new quart of water inside 4 minutes
  • Dual Fuel technology
  • Built-in pot wind and assistance protection
  • Filter channel included
  • Wonderful for camping, ideal for urgent situation preparedness

Things We Disliked

  • A little bit heavy for backpacking

III. How to Choose the Best Propane Backpacking Stove

There are a true number of things to consider when thinking about how to pick the best propane backpacking or camping stove. Some crucial tips are as follows


Of course the price of the unit is an extremely important detail for many people whenever choosing a stove. You can find so many choices on the market to select from that it is usually pretty no problem finding a stove that suits your preferences and price range. Check out our best camping out stoves to obtain a feel. I examined and rated the very best stoves and within each category there is a broad variation in cost.


Stoves for car camping out generally possess two burners similar in proportions to the types on your own home stove-and you may use your home-size pans and pots when you cook in it. Backpacking stoves (not really included here) certainly are a lot tinier.

Cooking space

The difference in cost plays out in several key features, which might or might not be vital that you, depending on just how much you will be cooking. One difference is cooking area. A basic stove just like the Match lighting has room for one large frying pan or pot and a little saucepan simultaneously. A roomier stove just like the Fire Hole will keep two large frying pans or pots hand and hand.


That cost difference plays out in power. Lower-end camp stoves released about 10,000 BTUs per burner, vs. 12,000 BTUs on fancier models, which affects just how long it requires cooking dinner.

Number of Burners

The amount of burners can be an important choice for the automobile type campers mainly. Most backpackers shall be going with some form of a one-burner stove. There is one commonly, two and three burner stoves in the marketplace. The main one-burner stoves are usually designed for 1-3 individuals and are found generally for backpacking.

Fuel Type

Now that you have a feel for a few of the original major choices to create we should take into account the kind of fuels that are offered. There are some common forms of fuels useful for most camping out stoves. Both common choices are often between gasoline canisters or liquid gas. Additionally, there are alternative fuels used offering wood burning and alcoholic beverages stoves. Within the gasoline canister fuel kind, propane, isobutene and butane fuels will be the most used commonly.

IV. Conclusion

Propane backpacking stove and propane burners certainly are a traditional and incredibly reliable choice for outside cooking. Across the marketplace, propane burners were created with safety and features at heart albeit some marks are usually notably much better than others. They are well-known for backpacking because of the ease of use however they are not so effective in colder temps or at high altitudes.

Propane stoves are usually safer than a great many other options as the fuel originates from the pressurized container as a new vapor rather than liquid; and the tanks are usually sealed eliminating the chance of fire, spillage and smells. Propane stoves are usually very much cleaner than wood-burning up alternatives and are an excellent cooking source however they should in no way to be utilized indoors.


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Last year I purchased the Coleman Bottom Top Stove from the amazon. It is really helpful.

    stovexpert - Mar, 2016

    Thank you, i think this brand offers the best propane backpacking stove on the market.

Randy Gilmore - Jul, 2016

“They are well-known for backpacking because of the ease of use however they are not so effective in colder temps or at high altitudes.”

Hi, the way I understand it, the propane is good for cold weather to -40, where butane is the one that is not good for use in cold weather. Thanks for sharing your review.


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