Types of Fuel Used for Camping Stoves

There are facts about your camping stove that you should know, and one of it is what the fuel type that the camping stove using. Just like your car, is it using diesel or petrol for gas, and which is the better, what is the advantage of petrol and diesel. This is what we are going to discuss now and also the tips to use your camping stove to reach its performance no matter what kind of fuel it is using.

Fuels camping stove

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Types of fuel used for camping stove are as listed below:

Type #1: White Gas Fuel

This fuel is very light and suitable for winter using and high-altitude camping activity. Even more good news, the stoves are effortlessly and very lightweight compare to other camping stove. It is a very popular camping stove choice because of its durability to work in most of place and burn efficiently.

Tips: Use this type of fuel if you are planning to camp in mountains area or somewhere chill. Since it is difficult to maintain, make sure you study how to maintain it and have a maintenance schedule so this camping stove is always ready for your service.

 Type #2: Liquid Petroleum Gas Fuel

Liquid Petroleum Gas fuels are often the blend and mixes of several gas such as isobutene, butane and propane gas. This fuel also known as LPG, and this fuel is easily to find in the market, but you can’t just bring it or throw it anywhere.

Tips: If you are planning to go somewhere cold, this types of fuel that use for camping stove is not suitable for that venue. It is also not the best one to travel with so keep that in mind. If your canister is empty, make sure you read the guideline on how to discard it properly or it will caused you burning or explosive hazard.

Type #3: Methyl Alcohol fuel

If your camping stove is using Methyl Alcohol fuel, you are about to use the quietest and safest fuel in all camping stove.  It is easily to find in hardware store and also even in gas stations. It is only not working well in low temperature area.

Tips: If you are only have this kind of fuel left, alter your menu into baking and slow cooking method because this fuel works best at that method. Don’t bring this in low temperature area, but if you are going to camp at the beach of somewhere warm, you don’t have to worry a thing.

Type #4: Kerosene

Very easy kind of fuel to find compare to all the fuels that we had discussed about. It is also easy to burn, just like the white gas up there. But the odor is potentially contaminating your food.

Tips: This fuel is easier to get than most, and it burns as efficiently as white gas. Handle the fuel properly and not spilling it because the odor and stains will remain. Keep your food in the air tight container all the time if you are cooking with this camping stove.

Type #5: Chemical Solid Fuel

This is actually low in cost kind of fuel, it is chemical derived anyway. It is lightweight, and so easy to find in the market too. Solid fuel is more prefer in cooking that require longer time. What customer always complain about it is the sticky residue that coming out during the burning.

Tips: You can use this fuel for camping stove almost anywhere and it is a good fuel for long cooking. If you like solid fuel than the liquid one, make sure you buy it extra because solid fuels are difficult to find compare to the chemical liquid fuels.


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