Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove Review

The trademarked Solo Stove Wood Burning Backpacking Stove is really a unique wooden burning stove that includes an inferior combustion for any more effective and solution burn. The base vents permit air in order to pierce and flow in the bottom from the grate in order to feed the main combustion, a high down smolder.

Additionally, air getting into in the bottom vents gets hotter within the actual inner walls and increases up as well as out the very best firebox ports causing a secondary combustion towards the top of the range.

The Single Backpacking Stove really cooks the actual smoke out of the wood after which burns the smoke not really once, however twice! This method makes for any cleaner burn that means less smoke and greater efficiency.

Solo Wood Burning Backpacking Stove


Feature and Specifications

Patented Design- Less smoke

The trademarked design includes a unique dual wall which creates ultra-clean gasification along with a secondary combustion. This enables fuel in order to burn much more completely with less smoke.

Fuel Free

No more investing in white gasoline or costly liquid container fuel. Single Stoves make use of twigs, simply leaves, pinecones along with wood as fuel. Free up more spaces inside your backpack and eliminate the requirement to carry large, polluting as well as expensive container fuels.

Gear of the Year Winner

The Single Stove may be the number one wood-burning hiking stove suggested by Backpacker Journal and severe survivalists such as Discovery Channel’s Matt Graham. Winner 2014 device of the Year award from 50 Campfires & Area Hiker.

Compact design

It comes with compact design within the companion Single Stove Pot 900 (not really included) departing you with more spaces inside your backpack.

Light Weight and Quick Boil Time

It boils water in 8-10 minutes (thirty four fl ounce water). It is 4. 25″ in size and 3.8″/5.7″ high (packed/assembled). Single Stove weighs in at only 9 ounce. It is made associated with premium stainless and nichrome cable. Nylon things sack is also incorporated.

Wood Burning Stove

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Customer Reviews

I did a substantial amount of research upon these prior to purchasing, as well as considered making my very own. This is a good little stove. The range performed perfectly. It is actually amazing exactly how hot this burns whenever it will get rolling.

It is the best of the best. I had been amazed from how rapidly this range fires upward. It had been delivered rapidly and I personally use it in conjunction with the single alcohol burner on those times when I cannot find any kind of dry wooden. The mixture is unbeatable.

According to the Amazon customer reviews this stove has scored 4.6 out of 5 stars which are actually superb. So I recommend you to purchase it for your family without any delay.

Solo Stove Backpacking Stove Ultra Light Weight

Advantage of using Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Solo Stove is very much beneficial for the people all over the world. Some crucial tips are as follows:

Forget the actual Fuel: This Solo Stove cooks meals with only the sticks you collect in your journey, eliminating the requirement for large, expensive, polluting oil gas. It’s not hard to light, fast in order to boil as well as clean to make use of.

Gasify your own Wood: A distinctive gasification as well as secondary combustion procedure lets the stoves achieves a very efficient and much more complete burn off. This indicates you’ll make use of fewer twigs to attain a steam. It also does less smoke while cooking food.

Travel Lighter in weight: The Single Stove just weighs 9 ounce and eliminates the requirement to carry energy canisters – a terrific way to lighten your own load. Additionally, it nests within most containers leaving you with increased space inside your pack.

Stay Green: By utilizing renewable assets for fuel rather than petroleum, you’re lowering your carbon impact. You’ll additionally keep energy canisters from the landfill.

Wood Burning Stove Ultra Light Weight Compact Design

How to use the solo stove wood burning backpacking stove

  1. Usually use dried out wood whenever possible. Wet wood will require longer in order to burn and can produce much more smoke.
  2. Hardwoods may burn lengthier than softwoods. So you have to think before using it.
  3. Just like every wooden burning range, some soot is going to be on the underside of your own pot after each use. Softwoods may create probably the most soot whilst hardwoods such as maple may create minimal. The easiest way to reduce soot would be to let the actual fire turn out to be well-established as well as hot before wearing a container. To make cleaning even simpler, you may soap up the bottoms of the pot prior to use.
  4. For a far more fuel-efficient method to cook in your stove, try burning up it having a full fill of fuel that’s lit on the top. To make use of this method, place big sticks as well as twigs neatly along with the nichrome cable grate up to the bottom from the top air vents. Then light a little fire on the top using your preferred tinder or even fire beginner.

Solo Stove Wood Burning Camping Stove

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Having one of these simple small light-weight stoves is actually a life saver. Overlook the stoves which use fuel blocks or even canned energy. You may eventually go out of fuel with time, while this particular stove just requires little twigs, simply leaves, pine cones, and wood that you simply find outdoors.

This solo stove wood burning supplies a very dependable and reproducible method to build that will fire for cooking food and cooking water. It’s fairly expensive but really worth it for me. Moreover it’s Ultra Lightweight Compact Design Ideal for Survival, Hiking, and Hunting & Crisis Preparation.

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